Saturday, September 15, 2012


Well- I'm sitting at home in the garage- BEAUTIFUL weather while the baby is napping and working on things for next week. I'm feeling really positive about next week as I write up plans and my to-do list gets longer and longer with what I need to remember to do when I get to work- print sub plans, print plans for my para, create folders for students- the list goes on and on- BUT after feeling this week like a not so great ok let's be honest- a TERRIBLE teacher... I'm feeling a little more organized and my mind seems to be a little more clear as I once again get more things rolling in Kindergarten. It's September 15th and I'm still trying to get certain things started in the classroom- Did I start station rotations too early? I don't think so- but I also think we need a little review of taking care of materials- my students are so great when times are structured- I'm working this weekend on making sure even more of the day is structured- maybe smaller math groups? Tough with our curriculum I know- but COULD be best for my students...... Another step in learning? DEFINITELY! I am one that wants STAR notes for my teaching- as I question a lot of what I'm doing- is it good for students? Am I on the right track for Kindergarteners? BUT do I really need the physical STAR note- NOPE Just one in my brain thinking that I'm on the right track and at this point I feel like next week could be STAR note worthy--- but ask me again Monday after the day is over......

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  1. I congratulate you for questioning what you are doing! That is such an important part of teaching, the reflection part. Every time you reflect you get another idea to better your teaching.
    Hope the new schedule works better. Hope you give yourself lots of mental STAR notes this week!