Sunday, September 23, 2012


WOW! I'm usually somewhat organized- ok I know if you come to my room you will see piles of stuff- BUT I do know what's in each pile- that's organized right? 
Well, being gone 2 days last week left for a lot of housekeeping to be done in the room. I'm so glad I was able to go in for 2 hours today- yes, on Sunday I was at work for 2 hours. But while I was there, I got tables cleaned, piles sorted out, books switched to fall books in the display, papers filed away,  small group reading books picked for the week, material sorted for M-F in the baskets to be more organized, and I'm sure I got more done- BUT today's 2 hours of being at school working add to that over an hour to complete lesson plans.
If not on Sundays, when is there time to do this stuff during the work week? I'm already giving up my lunch to transfer reading materials over to math for the afternoon. During planning time- I'm finally getting around to checking emails- talking with teammates, and putting math materials away and getting out writing and word work material we will need.
I guess I will live with my piles until the days I'm able to spend a couple extra hours to just plain CATCH UP!

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