Thursday, September 13, 2012


Well- I'm quite a bit frustrated. I have a student that bless his heart tries his hardest and has no idea why he is at school. I have asked for help with how to work best with this student. The answer- is he needs meds. I'm VERY frustrated with that answer- why won't somebody give my an idea/ideas how to work with this little child that REALLY wants to learn- but sitting for 5 minutes quietly isn't an expectation he's ready to follow- so while the others are sitting and he's talking.... the best answer is he needs meds? Hmm I guess I was looking for anything I could do to set him up for success. From now on my lips are zipped on his behavior and I won't be asking for help- it's clear I'm not getting it and I'm not going to...... I apologize if this blog seems like I'm upset and rude- it's not intended that way- but I want more for students than a pill..... I know as my teacher he is going to be my motivation to be the best I can be because if I'm helping him to learn and succeed I know others will also be succeeding!

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