Tuesday, September 18, 2012

This week's pros and cons....

It's only Tuesday! But what a week of emotions.... 

Pros- My little guy that wants and seeks attention has had a better start to the week. No- he hasn't received may smiley faces on this behavior chart BUT when given a choice to stay with the group or go to his seat.... he is choosing stay with the group and bless his heart he is trying to stay quiet- it's just so hard! 

Con: I'm probably being a little more strict with him and not always using a pleasant voice. I know he tries hard. I know he wants to learn- but after asking him to do something and have him talk back to me- it takes a firm unpleasant voice for him to realize I mean business. Next week's goal- work on only being asked twice! Once for directions and once as a reminder after the first time. Why next week? because I'm out of the building Thursday and Friday. 

Pros: My student that doesn't want to be at school because he wants to spend time with Dad- didn't cry when Dad brought him to school Monday.

Con: He broke his arm at recess and had to have surgery Monday. :(

Pro: I have some students that are already reading or are reading to start. And their teacher is ready to challenge them to be life long readers! 

Con: This means I am going to spend my weekend trying to redo our reading workshop schedule- which the students have adjusted to and know the routine. How about a little shake up? I'm hoping for the best!! 

Pro: Reading workshop is going smoothly- even with adding pillows, the iPad and the choice to read around the room..... 
Con: Did I go through routines too fast to get students into groups and starting to work on reading and letter identification? I SURE HOPE NOT! This could be more of a con later down the road..... if I rushed! 

Looking at the emotional roller coaster this week and seeing the pros and thinking of the cons I'm hoping that the pros out weigh the cons! But with the motto of our secretary, "We Got this!" and I truly believe with the support I have throughout the building students in room 111 will come out making gains this year! 


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