Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Kindergartner's CAN

Why is it that people think it's nothing but chaos in a Kindergarten classroom? One thing has really bothered me since taking on the new Kindergarten position- and that is hearing around the building- "Oh they are Kindergarteners, what do you expect?" OR "They are Kindergarteners they can't do that." Well guess what- Kindergarteners CAN and DO! I have faith in my class and they can walk in a line quietly, they CAN go to reading workshop station rotations. They CAN! They CAN! They CAN! 

Don't say oh they are Just Kindergarteners.... Do we say Oh, the fourth graders are loud- but that's because they are JUST 4th graders? No- we have high expectations for them and guess what- We should for our Kindergarteners too!!! 

When asked how do I like the move? Accept and LISTEN when I say I LOVE teaching Kindergarten- there's no hidden sarcasm in that- I do LOVE it! I'm learning in this journey and have LOVED every step! 

Today I was talking to students about rotating to their next station. A boy came up to me and said, "What does it mean to rotate?" What a great feeling BECAUSE he picked up on a high vocabulary word and wanted to know more! Also- by using higher vocabulary there was another teachable moment in my room.... Now I'm going to "borrow or steal" the idea from our Media teacher and have a vocabulary word of the week.... Next week's word: ROTATE! He asked me this question in private so he got the answer at the end of reading class today. See Kindergartners CAN do more!

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  1. I think I will post something in my library to remind ME that 'We can do this!". Such a positive message, and until we do it we don't realize how effective it is!