Friday, February 1, 2013


Wow! I haven't blogged in forever! One of my reading groups have really been working hard on a writing project that goes along with a nonfiction text they read about Hamsters. Today's blog is about the steps we took to get to our final project.

First students read a book and book marked 3 pages they thought were the most interesting. The next step was to take those pages and write a quick note/idea on a graphic organizer (see rocket page in picture). The next step was probably the hardest because we couldn't "copy" what the the author wrote because that is cheating. The best thing about this conversation is our media specialist's word of the week this week is Plagiarism! Students will already know about that when they get to library today!!! The last step was writing sentences about hamsters. We learned that even though we titled our paper, the title wasn't the beginning of our first sentence. They did great with this, and I'm hoping to do more pre-writing like this as an entire class! These 4 students will be able to help others as I introduce it in the classroom! Check out the pictures below of our pre-writing and our final paper..... The best is we didn't "copy" the author!!