Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Little Moments:

You know at the end of the day I have to stop to think what really matters? It is the little moments that I have decided matter the most.  We must all celebrate success and especially the little ones! As I'm working with students in small group- there are a lot of things we need to celebrate! When I think of one of my reading groups- they have made such improvements and progress in letter recognition! This is definitely a success! They have worked very hard in group and are so proud to come to the table and tell me letters they have identified. Another reading group is so excited to come and show me words they recognize in their independent reading. These are the little moments that we are celebrating in room 111.
In math we are working on patterns and how we can create and explain them. Today students were asked to create their own pattern. The patterns that students made were amazing! Some did AB, ABB patterns and some were able to create abbc patterns. We have practiced AB patterns with actions and to see the extensions of their patterns was amazing to see.
Little moments = BIG success and a positive feeling in our room. 

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