Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Anxious and excited

Well- room 111 is going on a new adventure.... we are taking quite a trip and the students don't even know it yet. I will be taking 24 Kindergarten students on an adventure of a lifetime- we are going to Canada! Markham, Canada to be exact!Markham is a suburb of Ontario.
How can that be you may be wondering- well we have been chosen to participate in a Kindergarten Around the World adventure where we are partnered up with a class in Canada. We will learn about their school day, what things their students love and much, much, more.
 Now- as with all trips, I need to get an itinerary lined up and do some research on what would be the best possible way for students to get the most out of this experience. I'm very excited to get this project up and running along with the teacher in Canada.
I hope this will be as great of an adventure as I think it will be. It will take a lot of communication, time (yes- more time---- something I don't know where to draw the line- refer back to last week's blog), patience, and understanding, but I think everyone in room 111 will learn and grow from this experience! I can't wait to see how this works!!

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