Tuesday, October 9, 2012


I have never liked change- especially UNEXPECTED change! So knowing I'm changing to a new grade level, I've had time to prepare myself for that. Knowing I am going to have to change expectations for students- is something I'm working on. I still hold high expectations for them, but at a different level.... 

So the fact that my reading group schedule has changed 3 times in the last 2 1/2 weeks, is something I'm still trying to adjust to and not stress out about. Luckily for me my students are accepting the change, settling into their new routine, and being rockstars about having different people in their group or going to different workshops in a different order. They are helping me work through the unknown!! 

Another change- the afternoon schedule due to recess being moved! This has been a blessing in disguise because I am truly being able to give time to shared reading and students are not being rushed through a lesson. 
Changing my organization and my thought process of how the room should look has changed about a million times so far in only 36 days of school. I will keep changing my reading tubs until I get a system down that I love- maybe I need one giant tub for all 6 groups instead of 6 tubs- one for each group? I don't know what is best! But I keep trying new ways. I'm always up for suggestions! 

Even though change can be tough- I've realized it's tougher on adults than kids. Because of this and because of the students wonderful response to change- I'm not so scared of change in my classroom. Now the one question that everyone asks: Do you like the change to Kindergarten? Are you glad you changed positions this year- well, there's only one way to answer that and that is with a big fat ABSOLUTELY!!! I love my "change!" This is the first time in probably 5 years that I'm not constantly stressed out with what is being asked of me- the main thing stressing me out now is ME! What a great change it's been!!

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