Tuesday, November 6, 2012


The first trimester of our school year is wrapping up. I can't believe we have been in school for 12 weeks already. Where did the time go? Someone told me that there are 26 school days left until Christmas break- WOW! I can't believe it.

I'm going to be making changes to my blog. Since I feel that I have some experience and my toes are at least wet with the new change and new grade level, I'm going to start dedicating this blog to what is happening in room 111. I'm going to start showing projects that students are working on and making it more usable this way. I'm hoping by doing this that people will respond to some of my ideas and give me some feedback/suggestions--- that of course would mean I need more followers- so I'm going to work on promoting my blog to get more followers in turn getting more support and more ideas to help me on my journy.

One change that is being made in the classroom is I'm taking out the behavior chart that I originally started. I started the year thinking I had to have one in order to keep some structure in my classroom. Well, with trial and error of the chart, I'm going to take it away- I'm not sure how to completely remove it- but let's face it when a child isn't sitting on his/her bottom- is he/she really misbehaving? Or is that just something that annoys me? Should a child really be moved to yellow for this? How about the boy in my room that doesn't like lining up. Should he be moved? Or how does he handle being given a choice- "You can either line up in line or you can walk with me." Not all students enjoy doing the same thing. They all learn different and like different things. They also all respond differently in many situations. SO- instead of a one size fits all model it's going to be a model for 23 individuals and what they need to be successful.

So please feel free to give me any feedback on your thoughts about this.... more to come with more of what is really happening in the classroom.

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