Thursday, August 30, 2012

Time management

Well- I'm exhausted! Questions I'm asking myself- Am I unorganized? Am I unprepared? Am I unlucky?? 
It seems that I have NO time during the day. Once students come in it's go time from 8:40-3:35-- Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining- BUT where is my lunch going? What about my planning? I spend lunch putting all the morning materials away and setting up the classroom and prepping materials for the afternoon- by the time that's gone I MAYBE get to eat the yogurt I packed. Planning time? What planning time! I spend that putting away the math materials and getting writing and our word/letter of the week items out.  THEN the unlucky part? EVERY time I've been trying to use my Promethean Board or Actiview this week- it doesn't want to work- now I'm learned very quickly getting Kindergarteners ready once is tough, but then down time to restart the Actiview try to open a flipchart in a different way THEN get the kindergarteners ready is a CHALLENGE!  So am I unorganized, unprepared, or unlucky? You be the judge. 

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