Saturday, August 25, 2012

Stressed? I am!

Well, we start full days of Kindergarten on Monday. I'm really stressed about it! I still haven't taught  all my morning routines for when students come into the classroom. There is a lot I hope to cover on Monday with a full day and that's not even including the reading, writing, and math curriculum I'll start. The last 7 days have been an extreme eye opener and a major learning experience for me. I have a student that last Monday I lost my patience with because he just wouldn't listen. Well, after a lot of thinking Monday night it dawned on me-he has never been to school, he isn't sure why he is here- so the poor little guy got in trouble because his teacher lost her cool! Well- 4 more days of teaching him to sit for calendar, how to stand in a line, even get a drink- and we have made huge gains! He may not even need to the behavior chart I made for him because now he is learning about his role at school.
    This first year is going to be quite the learning experience for me- but you know what- I'm ready to learn and it will help me be a better teacher!

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